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Two rooms - one to dance, one to relax

Dance nights that will make you feel great - all night and the next day

Sometimes you just want to dance, your way, with who you want, when you want... and sometimes you just want a cup of tea and to catch up with a friend. With some of the awesome DJ's we've got lined up we realised you may find yourself drawn to the dancefloor by the awesome beats, so we've created a second room purely for the cafe and socialising, with slightly more chilled music. We've even incorporated a massage area to ensure you get as relaxed or energised as you need.

We are creating the sort of event we would love to go to. We've been dancing for years - from raves and clubbing in the 90's and then 5 Rhythms and other ecstatic dance practices. All great, but we wanted a party night in Bristol with the social elements and wildness of clubbing, but without being surrounded by people off their faces. A place where we can dance ourselves into states of ecstasy and still feel awesome the next day. A place where we can dance with like minded beautiful souls. So come join us...come and feel groovy with us!

We aim to be the best conscious club night / sober rave in Bristol, so we have sourced some of the finest DJ's we've come across to provide the music and our creative director will ensure the space looks as good as the music is destined to sound. To help us drop more fully into the dance, we'll be starting the night with a sound journey. All we need now are you beautiful souls to fill the space and dance with us...so put the dates in your diary and click the link below to book your tickets and join us.

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Awesome Dance Tunes

We have our resident DJ Tigger and a different Guest DJ each month playing the best of Dance music to get your feet moving and your hearts pumping

Cafe & Healing Space

Chill and socialise in the cafe space, or treat yourself to a massage. Indulge in some yummy snacks and beverages - you'll need to stay energised and hydrated with all that dancing

Sound Journey

Start the evening with a sound journey to prepare you for an awesome night of dance.

Coming Soon

Our next event - with the amazing Mixes from Mars

Hamilton House, Bristol - 22nd Sept 2018

It's time to dance again...

To be honest, it's always dancing time, but after our summer break we're itching to get back on the dance floor. Summer may be officially over, but we're planning an evening to get your inner sun glowing.

We've changed the format slightly to give even more time on the dancefloor.

We'll be opening the doors at 7:30 as usual. The cafe will be open and on the dancefloor Tigger will be playing a slightly more gentle warm up set.

Then at 8:00 we are blessed to have Sarah Walsh back with her Crystal Bowls to open the evening with a sublime sound journey. So relax, lie back and be sonically cleansed and sparkled by the amazing Crystal Bowls.

With vibrations now resonating at higher frequencies, Tigger will ease you gently into dance building the energy and culminating with a selection of funky, deep and tribal house, with some old classics and modern bangers thrown in.

If that isn't enough to get you dancing yourself into higher states, then he'll be followed by the awesome Mixes from Mars. Having honed his skills over the decades at clubs and festivals across the UK he will be crossing genres and getting you dancing to such ecstatic highs you can probably visit the planet he takes his name from.

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For your pleasure and entertainment tonight...


Resident DJ

Our resident DJ, Tigger, is so named for his bouncy nature on the dancefloor. He's been dancing for more years than he cares to remember and loves to play the sorts of tunes that get him and the crowd bouncing. For years he has been studying Taoist and Shamanic energy practices and brings that awareness of dance as a tool for reaching higher states into his track selection. Tonight he'll be guiding you through a selection of the best new dance tunes he can find, interspersed with the occasional classic, some funk or even some elctro-swing. Either way he'll be bouncing along with you.


Mixes from Mars

Awesome Guest DJ

Dancing and raving regularly in the late 80's and early 90's London Orbital party scene, Mars soon tranistioned from dancefloor to behind the decks. He has played around the world from clubs such as Back to Basics and Lakota, to festivals such as the Burning Man, as well as the conscious club night LoveDance.

With 30 years of music to choose from, spanning genres from World Music, house, techno, drum and bass, and just about everything else, we're delighted to have Mars helping us get back on the dancefloor after our summer break.

Sound Journey

Sarah Walsh

Sound journey with Crystal Bowls

Crystal bowls look like they could be frosted shot glasses used by the Gods. The ethereal sounds they make are certainly enough to send you to heavenly realms but fortunately for us we'll return with clear heads. Sarah runs workshops and Sound Journeys in conjunction with Yoga classes, as an aid to meditation or to help those recovering from addictions. Tonight she'll be helping us end our awesome night on a high note.

Check out her website for more details of her work

Event Schedule

22nd September 2018.

7:30 PM to 8:00 PM



Our resident DJ Tigger will serve up some gentle tunes to allow you to limber up as you arrive and prepare for a night of dance.

8:00 PM to 8:30 PM


Sarah Walsh

To start the evening in style, we'll lie down and relax, while Sarah takes us deep into relaxation, transporting us on the vibrations of the crystal bowls. A chance for us to clear our minds and relax our bodies, letting go, cleansing and refreshing us, so that we are ready to enter fully into a night of truly ecstatic dance.

8:30 PM to 10:00 PM



From the depths of relaxation, Tigger will tease us back into our bodies and into movement with soft melodies and gentle beats, until before we know it we're dancing and bouncing with full abandon, to a set of deep, funky and tribal tunes and house music both old and new.

10:00 PM to 11:30 PM


Mixes from Mars

OK, you've arrived, you've relaxed, you've awoken into movement...now time to take it higher! Our guest DJ, Mars, will be deliciously mixing a blend of tunes leading us to dance ourselves into higher states of consciousness.

7:00 PM to 10:30 PM Cafe Space

Chill Out, relax and treat yourself

Food Friends - Cafe and Juice Bar

We have the pleasure of welcoming Food Friends to the Feeling Groovy Team. Bringing a selection of teas, delicious raw cakes, scrummy savoury salads, and fresh juices, there will be everything a body needs to dance the night away and feel energised and supercharged the next day!

The Massage Team

Full details to be confirmed but we will have an area dedicated to pampering yourself with massages and posssibly other treatments. Certain to leave you feeling Groovy, the treatments will be by donation, but remember it feels great to recieve, and feels groovy to give.

The Enchanted Woodland

Our gorgeous grassed cafe space, with sheepskin rugs, cushions and low tables will be set in a beautiful space created by our team of...well...space creators. Relax, with teas, chai, and a selection of cakes and other goodies, and get to chat to friends old and new.

The Music

A range of chilled beats will be playing. Quiet enough to allow conversation, but loud enough to allow you to groove to the sensual beats should your body be unable to resist.

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"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once."

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

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